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🇬🇧 | Working For a Tech Startup Keboola with Michal Hruška

In this interview, we found out what it's like to work in a tech startup where data is the main topic. We asked Michal Hruška from Keboola about the advantages and disadvantages of this job and what people can expect from working in the technology industry.
Introducing Michal Hruška, who is a Senior Data Consultant at Keboola. Michal, can you introduce yourself and what you like about working in a tech startup?

Michal: I’m a mountaineer freak. Be it hiking, running, climbing, whatever includes majestic rocks rising around fits my passion. On the professional level, I’m into data science and looking for new ways to squeeze new added value from existing data. 

You have work experience in relatively important companies, such as AVG technologies or DataSpring. You have also worked with data at Home Credit in India and Vietnam, can you tell us why you decided to start working at Keboola and how the change process went?

Michal: Whenever I’m working on any project my main goal is to deliver value as fast as possible. That means not necessarily spending months on research, technology assessment, and preparations but rather delivering a solution as good as it can be at the moment with a potential and openness to grow and become better in the future. 

That’s a mindset that is not a good match for some corporations. On the contrary, it’s a perfect match for Keboola. The transition was rather smooth because we all share the same vision and approach. I finally felt at home – though, that might be caused by coming back to Europe after more than three years spent in Asia.

You are in the position of Senior Data Consultant, what does your normal working day look like?

Michal: You can imagine my role spread between a Solution Architect and Data Scientist. We help our customers to build Keboola into their existing architecture and help them to think of the ways to utilize it the most in their specific environment. Besides that, we provide pure data consultancy - meaning developing new components to enrich or transform data or developing machine learning models for anomaly detection or any other analytical exercises.

What advantages do you see working for tech startups and specifically for Keboola?

Michal: Any idea, however crazy or daring, is always heard. We have a direct influence on how Keboola product grows. There is nothing like a straight no. There always is a discussion and when your idea or approach is rejected you simply know why. The never-ending internal negotiation is what keeps us on track and holds our common vision together.   

Do you see any disadvantages in this industry?

Michal: Well, you’re sitting behind the computer most of the time, but that’s not very industry-specific. The industry is super competitive. There is no time to waste really, new companies and new great products are coming almost every day. But then again, this kind of pressure is what moves teams forward and pushes them for innovation. 

And finally, if one decides to work in the tech industry, Keboola is a prestigious company in this field. Would you tell us three main reasons to work for you?


1. Your voice is always heard, no matter what position you’re in. We listen and we talk. No bullshit, one team.

2. We work hard but the family comes first. You can organize your work to fit your needs. Do you need to spend half a day having fun with your kids? Or do you want to live on the beach in Bali? Whatever, just get your work done, remotely if needed, it’s not what’s important. 

3. You can be yourself – whatever crazy hobby you’re into there probably will be someone joining you soon.

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