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🇬🇧 | Leaders Uncovered: Marie Salomonová, Nevypusť duši

Marie Salomonová is a biology enthusiast and founder of the non-profit organization Nevypusť duši. She went through a difficult journey growing up, which inspired her to help others. After graduating, she went to England, where the mindset of other people inspired her to begin to discuss the topic of mental health prevention in the Czech environment.

Marie went at the age of thirteen to OpenGate, one of the most prestigious grammar and primary schools in the Czech Republic. They help students discover their distinctive talent and to develop freely. English was the preferred language there, which made it easier to continue studying abroad. Marie suffered from mental health problems for several years. In her last year of high school, she suffered from mental distress and had to spend some time recovering from it. After coming out of the dark, Marie went to the University of Nottingham in England with the help of the Bakala Foundation.

It was surprising for her, that mental health was a discussed topic in society abroad. She was both surprised by the approach of the university and the openness among her peers. All students received questionnaires and newsletters about how they feel and how to ask for help. And that inspired her to spread awareness about mental health prevention and to founded the organization Nevypusť duši in the Czech Republic.

What does she think about the progress of mental health prevention in our country? "We have a long way ahead of the mental health care reform. It is about changing the mindset of the population. At the same time, there are other organizations here, and thanks to everyone, it is slowly but surely improving." Marie says. When it comes to keeping her mind calm, she makes sure that she sleeps well, tries to spend time outside the office, makes sure that she walks a lot, and spends time with close people.

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